“Sarge” CLICK TO PURCHASE This gentle giant with soulful eyes is the newest member of the the pack and his story has touched hearts across the country and abroad.


These beautiful pieces are a part of a numbered edition series of 50 each by Sedona artist Robert Albrecht. There will only be 50 of each size ever made and each one comes framed on canvas with a certificate of authenticity. Robert will be creating a series of collectible paintings of the Apex Pack over the next year. Start your collection and support Apex Protection Project’s goal of saving wolves and wolfdogs nationwide through rescue, advocacy and education.


Sedona, AZ resident Robert Albrecht is a Digital Artist/Painter/Fine Art Photographer. He has a passion for creating the beautiful, the creative, and the memorable. That is what an artist does; takes a vision and transforms it into an exceptional work of art. “Although I have spent many years as a professional photographer and still enjoy using that skill to capture many of my Fine Art images and reference photographs for my Contemporary Digital Art/Paintings, I am enjoying the creation of unique art pieces
utilizing the advanced technology of Digital Art.

“Loki” CLICK TO PURCHASE Loki was rescued by Apex with his brother Thor at just 3 & 1/2 weeks old and has been stealing hearts ever since with the mischievous twinkle in his eyes.


“Digital art is like any other art. It just is created using different tools than the more traditional arts. Art is not about the tools used to create it. It is about the vision, message, or emotion of the artist. Photography is a medium through which artists may create art. Likewise, a computer is just a medium or tool through which an artist can express his/her vision of line, form, color, composition and rhythm. An artist chooses the medium (oils, watercolors, or pixels) they want to use. When the digital artist has mastery over the tools and technologies (software, equipment, etc.), they can go beyond “taking a digital picture” or “applying an effect” and create art – an individual expression of their vision.

“Integrated Digital Art: This is the “mixed media” of the digital art world. Artists combine any number of the techniques to achieve unique results. The digital environment is much less restricted than conventional mediums in this type of integration and manipulation. This technique is the most widely used to create the “True West Images” art.

“Archival Quality Prints: There is currently one accepted method of producing archival prints today; however ever-expanding technology is changing fast and new techniques and materials are constantly being developed. Inkjet prints are usually created using 8-Color to 12-Color inkjet printers. Modern inkjet printers are capable of producing incredibly detailed fine art and photographic prints. Images can be printed to almost any size and on fine art archival media such as Fine Art papers, specially treated metals or canvas. Inkjet print’s longevity is based on the media and inks being used. Generally 100+ years is given for the expected life of the print when the strict guidelines outlined by Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc. are incorporated. Additionally, true archival prints incorporate not only archival substrates and inks but utilize acid-free mattes and UV protective framing materials.  All “True West Images” art prints are produced with this process. – Robert Albrecht

Robert’s art pieces are offered on museum canvas either in a museum-wrap (stretched but without a frame) or beautifully framed with a contemporary Float Frame. CLICK HERE to view items.

Visit truewestimages.com for more of Robert’s fine artwork.