1. Contact Secretary Sally Jewell asking her to KEEP WOLVES LISTED:
Email: feedback@ios.doi.gov
Not sure what to say? Scroll down for email suggestion.
Call: (202) 208-3100
Fill Out the Feedback Form: http://www.doi.gov/feedback.cfm
Tweet: @SecretaryJewell

2. Contact U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe asking him to KEEP WOLVES LISTED:
Email: dan_ashe@fws.gov
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Call: 202-208-4717
Tweet: @DirectorDanAshe

3. Contact Washing State Rep. Dan Newhouse asking him to KEEP WOLVES LISTED:
Email Through the Feedback Form: http://dannewhouse.com/contact/
Message him on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dan.newhouse.WA




Dear ___________,

I want to express my feelings on the current push by certain members of congress to have wolves removed from the Endangered Species Act. According to science-based evidence, wolves hover at dangerously low numbers nationwide. We also know the importance of wolves in keeping the entire ecosystem healthy and in balance. We’ve seen from the past that every time their legal protection is removed, their number drops so significantly that protective measures must be reinstated. I ask that you stand strong in representing the nation’s public majority, and protect our country’s wildlife for generations to come by protecting the wolf. Please keep politics out of the Endangered Species Act. Our rare and endangered wildlife is not a bargaining chip for big money!

As a taxpayer, I am against the action of removing the wolf from the federal protection of the ESA and ask that you take immediate action to protect our nation’s wolves.

Thank you.