Apex’s school and community presentations focus on dispelling the negative myth surrounding wolves, and educating the public about wolves in the wild and how important they are to our ecosystem. Our presentations are interactive, incorporating videos, power-point, Q & A, and live animals. We tailor our presentations according to age range and group interest. Educating our youth is a very important part of protecting the wolf species as well as our environment.


Wolfdogs are classified as “exotic” or “wild” animals by The Department of Fish and Wildlife and Animal Control. Once a wolfdog enters the system, it must either be relocated to a wolfdog rescue or euthanized by law. It cannot be readopted out. Many canines who enter the system are mislabeled  “wolfdogs” because of their similar features and put down when they could have made great pets. They also take up space in wolfdog rescues that is needed for actual wolfdogs. Apex’s goal is to work with Animal Control by holding wolfdog education and identification classes to minimize mislabeling and reduce unnecessary death.