We believe education plays the most important role in protecting the wolf species and our environment. Our presentations are interactive; incorporating video, power-point, Q&A, and our ambassador pack to help dispel negative myths surrounding wolves, and teach our audiences about wolves in the wild as well as the important role wolves play in keeping the ecosystem healthy and in balance. Our presentations are tailored to the age and specific interests of our audiences. (School presentations are free).

For more information about our presentations, please email us at or click here.



Illinois Fur Farm Icon-02RESCUE AND RELOCATION

Apex works regularly within a national network of rescues, sanctuaries, and zoos, helping to find placement for and relocate captive-bred wolves and wolfdogs in need. Click here to learn about how we helped a sanctuary in Southern California rescue three wolfdogs from a fur farm in Illinois. If you know of a captive-bred wolf or wolfdog in need of rescue, please contact us immediately at or click here.