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Date: 2/20/2017

Changing the Way the World Sees Wolves

Sedona Wolf Week Launches April 2017

SEDONA, AZ – February 20, 2017 — This April the Plan B to Save Wolves and Apex Protection Project launch Sedona Wolf Week 2017 (April 20 – 23rd), an inaugural, monumental event with the mission of literally changing the way people see wolves, and affect how government develops policies regarding wolves while creating respect and protections for this essential apex predator.

Unlike any other event supporting wolves, Sedona Wolf Week offers a diverse program of speakers, performers, school presentations, fundraisers, a wolf co-existence panel and social interactions with the Apex Protection Project Ambassador Pack to generate awareness of the plight of this apex predator and educate the public on the science of the wolf as well as current advocacy issues.

Highlights of Sedona Wolf Week include:

  • Speakers from all over the country including KC York for a Trap Free Montana, Emily Renn, Executive Director for the Grand Canyon Wolf Recovery Project, wolf advocate and former rancher Oliver Starr, Paula Ficara and Steve Wastell, Founders of Apex Protection Project, Marc Cooke, Executive Director for Wolves of the Rockies, Philip Folsom, creator of the Wisdom of the Pack Program, performances by Sean “Walking Bear” Mah and Ann Vannoy and much more.
  • A selection of films to be shown at the Sedona International Film Festival’s Mary D. Fisher Theatre including Julia Huffman’s award winning documentary Medicine of the Wolf, Living with Wolves by the Dutchers and the newly released Gray Area: Wolves of the Southwest by Alan Lacy.
  • Apex Protection Project will bring their Ambassador Pack to local Sedona and Village of Oak Creek Schools for presentations to students.
  • Fundraiser at Ken Rowe Gallery in Tlaquepaque on April 22nd where the Apex Protection Project Ambassador Pack will be on-site for personal interaction on a private terrace.

Meeting and interacting with wolves and wolf dogs is a unique experience that only a few will ever have. The Apex Protection Project Ambassador Pack are USDA certified educational animals that travel the country generating awareness and support for wolves and wolf dogs.

The Ken Rowe Gallery event also includes a quick draw by world renowned artist Ken Rowe, silent auction and wine tasting. Pre-registration for this event is highly recommended as the number of people who will be guaranteed to have personal interaction with the pack is limited in respect for the animals.

  • Closing champagne brunch fundraiser with the Apex Protection Project Ambassador Pack.
  • Rewrite the Fairly Tale contest where participants rewrite the story of Little Red Riding Hood and place the character of the wolf in a positive light. “Wolves have been much maligned in fairy tales, religion, literature and stories throughout history which for some reason has translated into a reality that people actually believe. Incredibly these ‘stories’ that are pure fiction have evolved into what people believe to be true about wolves. People are storytellers and we are hoping these revised stories that accurately portray wolves will resonate in such a way that they educate people on the true nature of wolves,” comments Paula Ficara, Founder Apex Protection Project.

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Sedona Wolf Week’s Presenting Sponsor is Poco Diablo Resort, an enterprise of the Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation. Raphael Bear will open Wolf Week with a traditional Native American ceremony and blessing. Additional sponsors include Tlaquepaque, Ken Rowe Gallery, Sedona International Film Festival, Studio 5 USA and Sedona GO Now. More sponsors are needed as it is the goal for 100% of the funds raised to be donated to Apex Protection Project and other groups and organizations who support wolves.

To become a sponsor for Sedona Wolf Week, for information about the event, how to volunteer and more please email at

Plan B to Save Wolves

The Plan B Foundation, Inc., is a 501c(3) corporation created to support organizations in their mission to protect, preserve and rescue wolves and wolf dogs through advocacy, education and funding. To learn more visit PlanB.Foundation or call 714.478.0353.

Apex Protection Project

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