Angel Vet LogoTHE LITTLE ANGELS PROJECT makes Merlin’s care possible…

Owner Darlene Geekie and exotic animal vet Dr. Gary Latos have years of experience treating exotic animals. When our most wild wolfdog Merlin was showing signs of not being well, we contacted them immediately Merlinknowing that he would need special handling and care. Although our medical fund was practically empty, they insisted that we bring him that same day. When we arrived with Merlin, Darlene was already outside waiting with a dart stick of a sedative specialized for wolfdogs. She administered the sedative so quickly, Merlin barely noticed. The team gave him a full physical and ran a full panel of tests and x-rays to see what the problem might be. Almost as quickly as Merlin relaxed into a deep sleep, he was gently woken back up again and he was on his way home safe and sound to await test results.

The professionalism and experience of this team put our minds at ease, knowing Merlin was in the best hands possible…but we realized that this kind of specialized care and the amount of tests done would be extremely expensive. That’s when Darlene told us about The Little Angels Project, the non-profit division of Veterinary Angels…

Owner Darlene Geekie

“As a veterinary practice owner and licensed veterinary technician, I have often struggled with how to help those experiencing financial distress with their veterinary care without putting financial strain on my practice. Last year alone, we donated over $40,000 in veterinary care for rescues, shelters, wildlife, exotics, and financially distressed clients. As a growing practice, this has become a challenge to sustain—but we don’t want to stop!

We have created a nonprofit initiative called the Little Angel Project to help all animals in need. Too many times our veterinary staff has been faced with the difficult discussion of “what can we do?” Your donations to our Angel Fund Project will help us change that to “how we can help!”

Dr. Gary Latos

In 2016, we hope to secure enough donations to expand into a building space next to Veterinary Angels Medical Center. This will allow us to start a spay-and-neuter program, treat farm animals in need, and hold rescue wellness clinics. We believe this project will make our community a better place for people and animals alike. Hopefully, the idea will encourage other veterinary facilities to do the same for their communities.”   – Darlene Geekie

APEX PROTECTION PROJECT can’t express the gratitude we have for the expert care our wolfdogs have received and for the support Veterinary Angels has given us in making it possible to afford this care. Please help Vet Angels continue this support for those in need by contributing to their Little Angels Project Fund. It’s another way to make sure all animals get the proper care regardless of cost. It’s what is making Merlin’s, as well as the rest of our pack’s, wonderful top-notch care possible.