Wisdom of the Pack™  is a unique and highly successful team-building workshop taught by Cultural Anthropologist and Leadership Development expert Philip Folsom with the collaboration of Apex Protection Project and the Apex Ambassador Pack. In the Wisdom of the Pack™ workshop, Philip focuses on one of the most powerful teams in nature: the wolf pack. Clients are guided through an investigation of the intrinsic values and group dynamics of a wolf pack that make it so successful, and then are shown how to incorporate those values and dynamics to ensure their own team’s success.

Philip is the owner of Fulcrum Leadership Institute and co-founder of Sparta. He is known for his unique adventure programming and TRIBE workshop that focuses on the primary culture components of building healthy and high-performing teams. Philip is a regular contributor at the USC Marshall School of Business and is regularly featured on television and podcasts around the world.

WARRIOR AMONG WOLVES: HAI ON LEADERSHIP: What wolves, psychology theory and Hai have to say about successful shotcalling.

Impatience is not a desirable trait, even if it’s sometimes idealized as a hallmark trait for identifying leaders, Hai says. It’s a lesson paralleled by the wolfpack structure, one of nature’s highest performing teams whose function is widely misunderstood and misrepresented, according to the Apex Protection Project — a wolf conservation and rescue organization that helped introduce Hai to the animals. Click HERE to read the article





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