Take Action!

From signing a petition to attending a hearing, there are many ways YOU can TAKE ACTION! and make a difference in the protection of our apex predators and our wildlife. Here you can access information, tools, and the guidance you need to help you make your voice heard regarding the latest in wolf protection.

In July 2017, the misleadingly named HELP for Wildlife Act (S. 1514) passed out of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works and could be taken up for a vote by the full Senate at any time. If passed into law, wolves in four states would lose all protections and courts would be prevented from reviewing this reckless action. This legislative interference in endangered species listing decisions not only puts that species at risk, but threatens the Endangered Species Act. Please email your senators today and tell them you expect them to protect wolves and the Endangered Species Act by voting no on S. 1514.

In addition to threatening wolf populations and weakening the Endangered Species Act, this bill (S. 1514) would prevent the regulation of lead fishing equipment to protect our waterways. Lead is highly-toxic and has no place in our rivers. This bill’s prohibition on progress is reckless and puts endangered and threatened species at continued risk of an excruciating death by lead poisoning.

Another portion of the bill would allow the import of polar bear carcasses killed by trophy hunters before they were protected. Polar bears are protected as threatened under the Act and cannot legally be hunted or their “trophies” imported–for good reason. Allowing these wealthy trophy hunters an exemption to the law encourages hunting of other soon-to-be-listed species. Please ask your senators to oppose S. 1514 if it comes to the floor.