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Meet the pack!

One of the most special experiences we can offer is spending time in the presence of these magnificent beings. Feeling their gentle energy, their true nature, connecting on a level you never thought possible… Only then can you begin to truly understand how beautiful these creatures are and how important it is that we protect them. A world without the wolf would be an incredible tragedy.

What better way to get to know them but by hiking with them as they run free in their own territory...


Our Mission

Apex Protection Project is dedicated to protecting wolves and wolfdogs through educational experiences, rescue, and advocacy with the dream of living in a world where the wolf and all species are highly valued, protected, and respected for the balance they bring to the ecosystem and for the gifts they offer to humanity.


What is Apex Protection Project?

An uplifting and touching look at the depth of connection and love that these magnificent creatures are capable of. This is Taboo, the Apex Pack's Alpha female and Kona, who has taken on the Beta role in this group of rescued wolfdogs who have come together as a family. Taboo shows Kona lots of gentle, loving affection. Contrary to popular belief about Alphas, she does not have to show him that she is the leader, she just is.