The Apex Pack


Taboo was rescued six years ago by Paula and Steve while they worked at a local wolfdog rescue. Taboo’s owner lost his job during the recession and then his house, forcing his family to give up everything and move into a small apartment where wolfdogs were not allowed. Not being able to find a new home for her, he told a neighbor that he was afraid he would have to take her to a shelter. The neighbor contacted the rescue immediately for help.

When Taboo was rescued, she was only a year old. Because of her wild nature, she had spent a lot of time tied to a tree in the backyard. Paula and Steve took her under their wings and jumped to the task of socializing her, which was not easy. Not having much exposure to the outside world, Taboo was afraid of many things and lacked confidence. Eventually, Paula and Steve adopted her full-time and she became part of their family.

Now, six years later, Taboo has grown into a confident leader and takes the “mama” role with wilier pups, guiding and teaching them proper canine etiquette. She also has the ability to be gentle and playful with creatures of all sizes.


Merlin was rescued from Phoenix, AZ by Steve and Paula while working at a local wolfdog rescue. He had been raised and cared for by a very responsible, loving wolfdog owner who began to suffer from a debilitating illness that hindered his ability to care for Merlin. As he became weaker, Merlin instinctively felt the need to step into the Alpha position and became more and more difficult to handle. Merlin continued his challenging behavior once arriving at the rescue. Perhaps it was his observing the connection between Steve and his owner when being picked up, but Merlin immediately bonded with Steve. Over the last few years, Merlin’s bond with Paula and Steve and the Apex Team has deepened, allowing him to learn to trust and love.

Merlin’s love of people shines through and every day he gains confidence and makes new friends of all ages.


Kona came from an owner who did everything in his power to give him the best life a wolfdog could have. He was very well cared for and loved. Having difficulty finding work in his field locally, it became necessary for his owner to take work out of state where Kona could not join him. He looked diligently for a safe place for Kona to live, eventually finding Apex through friends in the wolfdog community.

Kona is very outgoing and loves people, making him a wonderful wolf and wolfdog ambassador, teaching people about the beautiful energy wolves possess and how important it is that we protect them.


Thor and Loki, were rescued at the age of three and a half weeks old from a breeder going out of business. Their mother, being very sick and needing emergency care, was unable to nurse. She was immediately taken to intensive care where she stayed for a week and the pups were immediately brought to Apex. It is very rare for a rescue to receive such young pups and it took around-the-clock care from the entire Apex Team to raise these little characters. Now yearlings and already weighing 75 pounds each, they are bringing laughter and joy to everyone they meet, dispelling fear and misconceptions, and teaching people of all ages how wonderful these magnificent creatures are. Their mother recovered beautifully under the care of a loving foster and is now living happily at a wonderful rescue in Sonoma, CA.

Thor’s nature is sweet and gentle. He loves people and will never pass up a snuggle. He has an adventurous spirit and loves to run and explore on his daily hikes .

Loki, named appropriately, is a little stinker, always getting into mischief. He’s a little more shy of people but is definitely the comedian and will tease his brother whenever given the chance. He loves to chase Thor (who loves being chased) and wrestle with Kona and Taboo on their daily hikes.


Sarge lost his home in Oregon at the age of 7 due to a domestic situation. After the family moved out, he found himself living alone in the back of the vacated house in a 6×6 kennel to prevent him from moving too much because of a severe leg injury for over a month. Right before his family moved out of the house, he fell from the top of a children’s jungle gym in the backyard, snapping all of the ligaments in his back right leg. The family was unable to take him with them and they didn’t have the money for the surgery required. Once a day, he would be fed and let out to go to the bathroom while the family looked desperately for a new home for Sarge. That’s when Apex received notice from the national wolfdog rescue network. He was a difficult rescue because of the expensive surgery that was needed and no one was coming forward. Time was running out for Sarge. If no-one rescued him soon, he would have to be taken to the shelter where he would be put to sleep. Apex was not in a position financially to take an animal under these conditions but the clock was ticking and we couldn’t stand by and not do anything. So we made the decision to take a leap of faith and take him. Days before he was to go to the shelter, we picked him up and brought him home to Apex. As soon as our community learned of his story, they came together to help and with one special angel named Barbara from Sedona, AZ, he was able to get the surgery he needed. He had an excellent surgeon who was able to restructure his leg with a titanium plate. Sarge began rebuilding his strength with gentle walks and is now trotting, hiking, and making friends with the rest of the pack.


Yearling Riggs is the newest addition to the Apex pack. He was seen roaming a suburban Oklahoma neighborhood at night and animal control was called. They darted him and took him immediately to a local gassing facility where he was given 48 hours before death. A colleague reached out to us hoping that we could help and put us in touch with Freedom’s Song Wolf Rescue and Sanctuary in Oklahoma. Not having the space to rescue him themselves, they were working feverishly to save him before his euthanization by reaching out to as many contacts as they could. With the extremely short amount of time given, we immediately decided to bring him to Apex. Within hours, we rented a van and three of our team members started off on the 19 hour journey to Oklahoma. Once picking him up from the gassing facility, the team drove back without stopping. He arrived extremely malnourished and scared. He was also a complete wildling with little socialization but incredibly loving. The team – human and wolfdog – immediately went to work on helping the little guy acclimate. Riggs has been at Apex for several months and has found his pack. Our ambassadors Taboo, Kona, Loki, and Thor have taken him under their wings, teaching him proper wolf etiquette and he’s fitting in beautifully.