Guest Experiences - Admission

Do I need to make a reservation to visit the property and what is required?

Reservations are required. There are several different private Experiences for you to choose from offered on our website. To book your Experience, there is a form for you to fill out also on our website which will allow you to request the Experience, date, and time. Once submitted, we will call or email you to schedule your visit and go over details. At the moment, we host groups of 6-12 people only. A 50% deposit is required to hold your date.

I’d like to attend one of your private Experiences but my group is smaller than six people. What can I do?

Because Apex is a very small non-profit organization, one of the main ways we raise funds to care for our rescued pack and run our facility, as well as advocate, rescue as many animals as we can and give our free school presentations is by hosting educational experiences that are intimate enough for the animals to feel safe and our guests to enjoy the unique opportunity of interacting one on one with them. Our goal is to create a special and unforgettable experience that is affordable for our guests while at the same time, raising a sufficient amount of money to help support our mission. We have found that balance by requiring groups of no less than six and no more than twelve. These groups are usually groups of friends or family members who are looking for a fun experience to share together, so joining other scheduled groups is not made available in order to maintain comfort and intimacy.

OPTIONS: One option for groups smaller than six is to book an Experience by covering the cost of the minimum required six tickets. Another option is to attend one of our events such as our “Nature-Nurture” Sound Bath and Hike Experience where you can purchase individual tickets and which we host almost monthly. Check the Calendar of Events on our website for scheduling.

Our hope is that once we’ve grown and have sufficient staff, we are able to be more accessible to the public and able to educate more people at our facility through experiences like these.

What is the youngest age a visitor can be?

We welcome all ages. Not only do we offer different Experiences for different age groups, but we are also able to tailor an appropriate experience according to age.

Guest Experiences - Accessibility

What should I wear when visiting Apex?

Apex is located in the remote high desert. You will be walking on rough, rocky terrain and be exposed to desert plant and animal life as well as interacting with the pack. You will also most likely experience a range of temperature while visiting.

We recommend wearing layers from a light shirt that covers the waist to sweatshirt, jacket or coat depending on season (NO down-lined jackets or fur/faux-lined hoods or jackets if possible. Nothing “flowy” or that drapes), long pants that cover the ankles, outdoor athletic shoes or hiking boots (NO street shoes, leather fashion boots or shoes, Uggs, flip flops, or sandals). Please NO leather accessories or dangling jewelry/earrings.

What should I bring with me?

We recommend bringing a refillable water bottle and sunscreen. You may also want to bring a change of clothes/shirt for after a hiking experience if you tend to perspire for comfort.

Can I bring treats for the wolves?

Our pack is on a specific diet and several of our pack members require prescription diets so we ask that you do not bring food for the pack. We are always in need of towels and blankets though!

What if I can’t walk the whole tour route or hike?

If you find you are not able to walk the tour route or hike, we are happy to accommodate your limitations to ensure an enjoyable visit. If you find you cannot complete the tour route or hike, one of our staff members will assist you back to the facility.

Do you have wheelchair accessibility?

We are able to accommodate those using wheelchairs as well as walkers and crutches although there may be slight modifications.

Can I bring my dog?

No, dogs of guests are not allowed on the property. We do not have accommodations to board your dog safely while visiting and the presence of a dog other than those who live at Apex could create stress and upset amongst the resident pack and a potentially dangerous situation.

What about service dogs?

Although service dogs are well-trained and usually comfortable around other dogs, their presence still creates a stressful and potentially dangerous situation for all present canines so service dogs, as well as companion and therapy dogs, are not permitted on the property.

Can I smoke/vape on the property?

Apex is located in a high risk fire zone so smoking is strictly prohibited at Apex and the adjacent grounds. If you must smoke while visiting Apex, you must do so inside your vehicle with the doors closed and windows slightly cracked. Cigarette butts must remain inside of your vehicle.

Vaping is permitted in designated areas.

Can I eat inside the property?

There are designated times and areas for eating which you will be guided in. Many of our events include a meal. If you must eat at another time, please let our staff know beforehand so they can provide you with a safe and comfortable environment away from the animals.

Can I take pictures, can I use a flash, and can I post them online?

You are welcome to take pictures. Our staff will assist you in your photography to ensure the safest and most successful picture taking. You are welcome to post the pictures on Facebook or other websites.

Can I bring firearms?

No weapons of any kind are allowed on the property unless you are a law enforcement official with ID. You will be required to sign a liability form acknowledging that you do not have any weapons present including pocket knives.