At Apex Protection Project we thrive within a family-style team-based culture (work environment) which nurtures the following core values

Authentic Passion

We are committed to our mission and approach everything we do in pursuit of that mission from an authentically passionate place.


Integrity is our hallmark. We function from a place of honesty and openness with a hard work ethic in all we do. We are also accountable for all our actions.


Our environment is one where healthy boundaries are set and respected. People are respected, valued, and can safely and successfully thrive. The animals we care for are protected physically and mentally with healthy boundaries designed for their utmost well-being and quality of life.


We treat our mission with respect. We treat each other with respect, dignity, and kindness. We respect each other’s wisdom, ideas, creativity, boundaries, and belief-systems. We treat the animals we care for with respect and kindness. We care for our surroundings and environment with respect.

Gratitude and Attitude

We are a “One for All and All for One” culture. We leave our egos at the door for the highest good of our mission. We express gratitude to each other, our animals, and our supportive community always. And we celebrate life and protecting it with a joyful attitude.

Clarity and Consistency of Focus

We are clear and consistent in our pursuit of our objectives and goals. We are clear in our roles and responsibilities both as a team and individually. In support of this, we strive to maintain simplicity in our approaches and operations.


We strive to provide the tools and support necessary to empower our team members, and our community to succeed. In addition, we do it with open minds and hearts to ensure success.


We support our team by maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life. We are compassionate to the needs of our team members in regard to time and energy.