As well as providing sanctuary for rescued wolfdogs at Apex Protection Project, we also belong to a nationwide network of wolf and wolfdog rescues who work together to rescue and place animals all around the country. Here are a few of our success stories…


Yearling Riggs is the newest addition to the Apex pack. He was seen roaming a suburban Oklahoma neighborhood at night and animal control was called. They darted him and took him immediately to a local gassing facility where he was given 48 hours before death.


Sarge is the gentle giant of the Apex Pack. Rescued in June 2016, he had a badly shattered back leg. It was difficult for most rescues to even think about taking him because of the enormous expense of the surgery to fix the leg.


In early July 2016, Apex received an urgent email request for help from a rescue colleague in Los Angeles. There was a young wolfdog in an LA shelter who needed immediate rescue. He was sick, weak, and most likely slated for euthanasia since wolfdogs cannot be adopted to the general public. The young wolfdog was a stray animal who was caught by animal control in a park in South Central L.A. He was not able to avoid capture because his feet were so swollen, he could no longer run.

We didn’t have room at Apex, so we immediately forwarded the email to the nationwide rescue network coordinator Susan Weidel of W.O.L.F. Sanctuary in Colorado and asked her if she’d alert the network. It is usually a challenge finding placement for a rescue in a sanctuary because most are usually full so when Susan called us right away to let us know they had room for him at W.O.L.F., we jumped for joy. Apex and W.O.L.F quickly went to work arranging the logistics of the rescue. The next morning, W.O.L.F.’s rescue team got on a plane to Los Angeles while Apex arranged the pups’ release from the shelter and gathered travel containment for his ride home. We met the rescue team at the shelter to assist in the rescue and in getting him settled in the van they would drive back to Colorado, and waved a happy farewell as we watched the little boy set off on the journey to his new home. The team and new pup arrived home within 24 hours and he was taken directly to W.O.L.F.’s veterinarian to be assessed and treated. He was covered in ticks, malnourished, and suffering from a severe case of mange that caused secondary infections. Their vet immediately started to work on helping the sickly wolf, and the decision was made to keep him at an off-site W.O.L.F. infirmary to regain his health, gain some weight, and recover from his ordeal. He was prescribed medicated baths, antibiotics, and pain medication. While in recovery, he was given the name Castiel which means “angel”. Castiel recovered quickly and moved to the Sanctuary where he now lives in a beautiful enclosure with a companion named Tenali. Click HERE to learn more about W.O.L.F. Sanctuary and to stay in touch with Castiel.